About Me

Sometimes it could be very easy to say something about our self. But often it’s more difficult to find the right word to say what we mean.

For me especially it’s more difficult to choose the right words than to say something about me because I know who I am but I don’t know how to say it. So let me tell you something about me.

Or I will tell you some basics about me and the rest you can find on my posts on this blog.

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My name is Sven Sorour, I’m now 28 years old and I be employed by a global fashion company. I work there for some years, now. In my spare time, I wanna discover new things that can make my life easier, funnier, healthier, happier and so on.

So what I wanna do is to use my spare time to learn something new about my self and about the world on that we live. But sometimes it can be very tricky to balance between knowledge and happiness.

I read a lot about personal development and the most important lesson that I have learned was that if you get more and more knowledge about personal development then it would be much harder to shape your life the way you think is right.

So the most important life lesson that I wanna give to you is read a lot, and discover a lot of new things but never try to be like someone else because it can destroy you from inner.

But why do I tell this to you? What does all this have to do with this blog?

I realized that for me the easiest way to be creative or to get back my creativity is, to create something with my hands. And then I thought I don’t want to do one activity like playing guitar or painting or something else.

So I decided to combine all these activities. And the result is this blog. Here I wanna show you how I would find my creativity and I hope I can give you some inspirational tips on how you can develop your creativity …

Thanks for reading