Indie Game Developer

So at first we need a lot of tools. We need a tool to build our virtual worlds, to build our characters, to write some code and so on.

My tools:

These are the three tools that I want to use. What I have to do is to find a good tool to create music samples. I think I find a tool in the future.

Now I have the tools the next step is, to choose a platform. So on which gaming platform I want to publish my games.

And there are a lot of gaming systems outside:

  • Nintendo,
  • Play Station
  • XBox
  • Computer
  • Android
  • iOS

I wanna choose mobile games because the smartphone could be an interesting platform for new game ideas. I mean I can develop:

  • AR games
  • VR games
  • 2D games
  • 3D games

And the smartphone can be used as a motion controller I don’t only have to create some controller buttons on the screen, I also can create a motion controller.

And my first platform would be Android because I have an Android smartphone from Sony.

What are my next steps?

I have some programming background, so I don’t have to learn a new language now. I think this is an advantage for me. And on Unity, I can use Javascript or C# and I want to program with C#.

My next step would be a puzzle game. I think this could give me a good overview at all over the steps of the game development.

My goal on this way is, to become an indie game developer and hopefully to make an income later from it. But the second goal sounds like future. So at the moment, I have to concentrate me on the game development.


Hello, I'm Sveny and I'm the writer behind I love it to discover new things and I hope I can motivate you to do the same. With this blog, I want to give you a little inside look at how I discover the way to become an indie game developer.

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