When I started game development there were so many things that were new to me. I drew a lot when I was younger. Then I had a phase where I started to program. And after a while, I had a phase where I loved it to write stories.

And last but not least after my graduation I started to listening music. Yes, that’s not a joke. I think I was 17 or 18 years old when I started to listen some music permanently. I never listen to music before, permanently.

By the way what I want to tell you with all this information about me is, when I combined all these activities then I realized that I could start with game development.

With games, you can tell stories in many ways but not only with words, music, pictures or something else. A combination of all of it gives me the possibility to create something. It gives me the possibility to create some art.

What I wanna do is to create some art that is interactive. Don’t misunderstand me, I want to create games that entertain you in any way. I want to catch your whole feelings. I want to create games that touch your innermost.

So as I said before I want to start with some easy game ideas. I want to know how to combine all the areas, programming, composing, designing and even drawing, how to tell stories in an interactive way and so on.


The first thing what I learned was that you can create any game that you want. But the more elaborate your idea is, the more time you need to finish it.

To create a game is like to create an artwork. You have to create all of these little things and at the end, there will be a big picture combined by all of these little things.

All the great things that exist have only come about because many little things make a big difference.

Here is an example.

The drawing of a character took not so much time. But after I finished it, I made a digital copy and the next step was to animate that character. And this part took a lot of time because the animation has to be very smooth.

And this was the most time waster that I had. I learned a lot and in the end, it looked so awesome.

So my first tip for you is, if you want to create an awesome game, then don’t take a look at the clock. Take all of you concentration and put it on your creative work.

And if you do this, then I promise you, you will develop and finish your game idea definitely.

Hope you enjoyed it, and thanks for reading.


Hello, I'm Sveny and I'm the writer behind I love it to discover new things and I hope I can motivate you to do the same. With this blog, I want to give you a little inside look at how I discover the way to become an indie game developer.

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